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Primary Arms Micro Red Dot – Ultimate Torture Test

Primary Arms Micro Red DotAs a full-time undergraduate, I am aware of the troubles of desiring a superb gear, however, not always getting the money for them. Generally, I simply save money till I have gathered plenty of money to shed on a good piece of gear.

For a couple of months, I eventually obtained every one of the required parts for a 10.5″, 5.56 AR Pistol Build plus its rocking Iron-Sights-Only now. I could shoot Iron Sights along with effect (effect indicating 3 TO 4 from 10 hits with 20MPH winds, 1/4-1/2 value) to 1000 yards using a standard M1A on a 2 MOA plate, therefore i am absolutely fine with the iron sights around the build, NEVERTHELESS, I eventually desire a reddish dot optic in this upper. Therefore, remaining the fairly poor university student that I am, I began performing study on the “good” optic that are cheaper than $200. I have various Aimpoints and formerly had a Vortex Sparc (Gen 1). I love the Sparc, but most internet retailers were sold-out and I do not actually maintain the rubber-type control-housing on the Sparc. This left me with a million reviews to evaluate on the Main Arms MD-06. My tough evaluation will be that 50 PERCENT of individuals dislike it and 50 PERCENT of individuals like it. Regrettably all of the “pain tests” on the web were not actual specific or were without some other required tests. This is actually the point I chose to pay $100 and test this optic personally and to my requirements (addressing everything all of the “other” tests was missing)……..”for the better good”.

Short Review:

The Primary Arms Micro Dot (I got mine At Mounting Soluiotns Plus) is great. It includes a fairly sharp dot, as well as the glass is extremely clear for the selling price (inexpensive RDO’s have a very awful greenish shade).

The lighting control ring provides strong tactile/audible ticks and halts at 11.

There actually is not much to say about it with regards to aesthetics….therefore let us attempt to split the point.

First Torture Test: “Death by submersion”.

This test is straightforward; let us observe how water-resistant this optic actually is. Main Arms states that they are “water-proof, but do not carry it diving scuba”. Okay, yet I wish to understand how much this optic can go in real life problems. I am assured this will not deal with Aimpoint T1 standards, however the T1 originated from paradise itself (not of this planet), thus that is not really a reasonable assessment. Understanding it is a budget optic, I am aware it is going to flunk earlier than an Aimpoint T1, but I will be seriously fascinated (for scientific purpose) to find out how good this optic can go toe-to-toe using a T1.

6″ water submersion test

Currently, the optic was immersed in 6″ luke-warm hot water for more than 2 hrs. I examine the optic every half-hour to view how it’s working, and so-far-so-good. (See pics). I am going to carry on and allow this optic sit inside the water till I could gain access to a 3-foot pool, after which proceed to immerse it for at least Half an hour. IP Code has various rating requirements for waterproofness, and if I am not wrong, the MD-06 is long gone IPX7 standards so far.

Keep reading to get more updates.

12 hours later…

Right after getting immersed for 12 hours inside my 6″ deep bathroom sink, the optic continues to be moving strong. Simply no indications of water loss.

Once i gain access to a deeper water opening, I am going to immerse this MD-06 in a minimum of 1m of water for half an hour till it’s failing.

Continue reading for more….

Shower/Soap Test:

I decided to provide it using a shower. So it got a good foggish and warm bath with me. Surprisingly the lenses did not fog up (interior or exterior). The one test remaining within the bath is the “soap test”. it’s all clean now.

Following Test: “Frozen Tundra”

It (“Rose Bud”) will be staying all night in the deep freeze for alteast 10 hours.

10 hours later….

Alright “Rose Bud” stayed all night in the deep freeze for approximately 10 hours. The temp of my deep freeze can get right down to -10F. After measuring the temp of Rose Bud and looking at features I immediately immersed it in warm water. Up to now I have not had the opportunity to break it.

“Let the games begin”:

Saturday 05/03/14 I tested Rose Bud quite hard.

Water-resistant test:

I started simply by placing the MD-06 inside a 4 foot + PVC pipe filled with water to replicate 4 feet of normal water pressure. This test continued for approximately 10 minutes, then the fantastic Texas wind-gusts toppled the pipe; thus splitting it.


Whenever life offers you lemons, make some Mike’s Hard Lemonade from it.

To carry on the test, I discovered a 6′ 8″ pipe, filled it to the top with water, and decreased Rose Bud inside for 40 mins. Here is how it happened:

I am hoping the uncertainty did not give you a cardiac arrest. Rose Bud survived…no problems whatsoever.


Preliminary Zero:

It is apparent. Get a preliminary zero as a reference, thus zero could be rechecked right after every test.


Recoil/impact test:

The initial section of this test stimulates some heavy recoil around the optic. I installed Rose Bud on a .50 Beowulf upper, packed with 500gr bullets. Following 3 rounds of .50 Beowulf, I examined zero, so that as anticipated, the optic had no problems.

The other section of this test required me getting the closest log of wood, and taking advantage of it as a baseball bat to hit some Home Runs; Rose Bud enjoyed the role of the baseball. It was repeated for a total of 3 Home Runs.

Following 3 runs, I examined zero once more. This time around the main Arms QD mount emerged aside around the third hit. I was able to place it all back again, and the zero was still being managed.


Rose Bud vs. birdshot:

This test was the time of fact for Rose Bud. 1 shot of birdshot, examine the optic for functionality, after that look at zero. There was clearly a small problem with this test though. I had formed every setup (at least I assumed). I shot Rose Bud through 10 yards aside with 1 round of birdshot…and to my shock, the lenses FAILED TO BREAK. Sadly my slo-motion camera had not been switched on for that 1st shot, and so i needed to take it a second time. The second shot broke the lenses. LUCKILY, the optic nonetheless worked well. The LED was still glowing, and I immediately confirmed zero later on: Rose Bud was still zeroed.



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