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Aimpoint PRO vs. Aimpoint Micro T-1 vs Aimpoint M4s

Aimpoint makes plenty of sights. Each of these red dots makes use of the ACET technology which Aimpoint prides itself on. The log lasting battery with greater reliability, make Aimpoint a trusted name. Choosing the best sight shall directly depend on the use you intend

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Magpul Original Equipments Supplementary Expertise

Magpul Original Equipments Supplementary Expertise Magpul Original Equipment or Magpul MOE, it is of low cost, high-strength and comes in different colours. The M.O.E. Is a nice hybrid of two worlds. The Magpul MOE. Utilizes almost “narrowed” design in its place of a large round

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Drawing from Concealment

Drawing from Concealment NAGR’s Commercial in AR, lobbying Sen. Mark Pryor Who’s Pulling John Morse’s Strings? NAGR 30 Sec Spot. NAGR’s Commercial in AZ, lobbying Sen. John McCain NAGR Hats NAGR Blue Collared

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Accessorize Your AR 15

AR 15 is a semi-automatic rifle which has many variants. Before you pick your AR 15, it is advisable that you check the specifications of all the variants and judge for yourself which would be the best one for you. Remember, your AR 15 has